Rain Barrels for Albuquerque and Santa Fe

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275 Gallon “Tote” Water Tanks

2" Butterfly Valve


275G Tote


9" Screw Top


275 gallon food grade totes

Now in stock!

275 gallon, plastic pallet, $150.00 

Valve/hose adapter $15.00 

Dimensions: 45” tall X 39½" wide X 48” deep

These totes were previously used in the food industry, are food grade, and have previously contained food. People use them as truck tanks, underneath canales/downspouts, construction site water tanks, etc.

Totes can be easily adapted to collect water under your canales or downspouts.They can be made more attractive, too …use you imagination...

Ideas …

  1. Wrap tan or green shade cloth around them.
  2. Screw pro panel roofing to the metal frame, many colors available.
  3. Wire latillas to the metal frame and enclose them – it will look like they are inside a small coyote fence…

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