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Discount Tanks and Cisterns for Santa Fe and Albuquerque

We can probably beat any competitors delivered prices to the Santa Fe area! Call us at 505-660-9477.

Licensed contractors receive 10% off the prices below (and no gross receipts tax) with an NTTC presented at Time of Purchase.


We sell water tanks manufactured by Norwesco or Snyder, the best in the industry. Although we might have some green ones, we normally stock black tanks because the black color lasts longer with UV exposure. 

Opaque, FDA approved for potable water.

350G 75 LB 46 inches 48 inches $449
550G 100 LB 48 inches 78 inches $599
550G 110 LB 65 inches 45 inches $599
1200G 170 LB 90 inches 51 inches $799
1550G 225 LB 86 inches 60 inches $949
2500G 410 LB 96 inches 84 inches $1599
3000G 455 LB 96 inches 96 inches $1899
4000G 750 LB 144 inches 87 inches CALL


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Below Ground Cistern Installharvesting


Above Ground Cistern Install4tanks




  • Designed for containment of water (8.5 lbs / gal).
  • FDA approved High Density Linear Polyethylene.
  • Impact and corrosion resistant.
  • Compliant with Local, State, and National standards for Fire Protection.
  • Black opaque tanks blend with the environment, provide additional protection from UV rays, and reduce algae growth.
  • A concrete pad is recommended for installation. However, tanks may be placed on any flat level “compacted” surface.
  • Seamless, one piece construction.
  • Hard-plumbing of tank is not recommended due to the expansive/contractive characteristics of Polyethylene.

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1700G Cistern
1700G Cistern

Threaded Cap

525 G 194 LB 63 inches 74 inches   $799
1700 G 567 LB 58 inches 72 inches 137 inches $1899
18" threaded risers         $95


We sell Ace Rotomold Cisterns made by Den-Hartog Industries. These tanks are super tough and the best value in underground cisterns today. 

Ace Roto-Mold cistern tanks are intended for bulk storage or collection of potable water and designed for below ground level installations. Tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and feature a trapezoidal, deep rib design. Only Ace tanks feature a custom-molded gasket in the lid. Manufactured from extruded Nitrile rubber, the gasket snaps into the lid and ensures a watertight seal. Our exclusive lid design locks in place with nylon ties, eliminating the need for metal fasteners that can corrode and fail. Ace Roto-Mold cistern tanks are FDA-approved for potable water and are manufactured for containment of liquids up to 1.7 specific gravity.

View PDF files for additional cistern tank information: 

New Cistern Tank Installation Procedures

Spherical Cistern Tank Installation Procedures





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