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575 – 2,500 Gallon Underground Cisterns

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cistern septic installationSnyder Industries utilizes over 50 years of tank engineering and design experience to develop revolutionary onsite septic and water tank products with enhanced leak proof properties and improved structural integrity to optimize tank performance and longevity. Tanks may be interconnected easily for increased storage capacity (1700 gallons, 3400 gallons, 5100 gallons etc.). No water is required during backfill procedure. Dominator tanks are structurally engineered to accommodate repeated fill and emptying cycles. Tanks have a unique monolithic design that provides superior top load strength. The low profile design allows for shallower excavations.

Applications include drinking water cistern, landscape irrigation, rainwater harvesting, sewage, storm water retention, water storage for low yielding wells and many others.

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Cistern Holding Tank *
G Length Width Height Price
575 97″ 48″ 42″ $1,430
1175 127″ 60″ 51″ $2,240
1725 157″ 69″ 51″ $3,300
2500 159″ 99″ 51″ $6500

* Manhole Diameter: 20″


underground cistern tanksHolding Tank Installation Instructions
1175 G CISTERN section
1725 G CISTERN section
2500 G CISTERN section