Creative Environments Santa Fe, Inc. will design and install a rainwater harvesting system, in and around the Santa Fe area, above or below ground, that will store the water run-off from your roof.

rain water harvesting

8500g below ground installation
Above Ground Cistern Installation

12,000g above ground installation

First we determine the flow of water from each canale or downspout. We then recommend an installation based on which areas will give you the most “water for your buck.” (Not all canales and downspouts flow at the same rate).Some will be located in difficult areas, and will not be cost effective to include in the installation. Slope, gardens and landscaping, walls and rockwork, septic and driveway location etc. are some of the factors that we consider in the design. Of course, what you want, and are willing to pay for is the determining factor in the installation. As these systems can get very complex, we try to keep them as simple as possible. Our goal is to install a state of the art water harvesting system that is easily maintained.

Should you have an existing automated irrigation system, Creative Environments Santa Fe, Inc. will install all the necessary components to allow you to use the cistern water as your primary source of irrigation water. Maybe your irrigation system isn’t automated… maybe it just plain isn’t… no problem, we will design, install and maintain an irrigation and/or water harvesting system for you that is reliable, efficient, and affordable.

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