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waterrite fundraising

Would you like to make some extra money for your school, club, or church?

Then sell Waterrite rain barrels, the environmentally responsible choice in rainwater harvesting products. By partnering with Waterrite you are helping to raise awareness and educate the local community about the benefits of water conservation and rainwater harvesting while funding your worthwhile cause.

How It Works

We provide you with promotional materials and order forms. You take orders and payment, and then order the desired amount of rain barrels from us. We will deliver them to your distribution site on the day you specify (3 week lead time, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Los Alamos etc. areas only).

We suggest you sell these rain barrels for $89 each (local businesses sell them for $99-$129). You receive 25% of the sales price, which is $22.50 for each rain barrel sold!
There is a minimum of 60 rain barrel sales to participate.

So let’s get started!

Call John (505) 660 9477