Rain Barrel Installation Instructions

How to install your new rain barrel:

  1. Remove any big rocks, rake flat and level the area that you have chosen to place your rain barrel. Compact the soil as best you can. This is important because your rain barrel will weigh about 500lbs. when full.
  2. We suggest, after leveling and compacting the area where the rain barrel is to be located, that you consider placing a cement paver or piece of flagstone under the barrel. Whatever you can find that is strong and flat, about 16″ in diameter, more or less. This will help keep the rain barrel upright, especially as the ground around it gets wet and the barrel gets heavy.
  3. Center your rain barrel under the canale where it normally drips.
  4. If you have downspouts you will need to cut it at the appropriate height with a hack saw, and then install a 45 degree fitting to direct the water into the barrel.

Thats all, enjoy your harvested rain water!