Rain Barrel FAQs

What do I need to do to install my new Rain Barrel?

See Rain Barrel Installation Instructions.

How do I replace the screen?

Unscrew the black screw-top rim and place a new screen over the Rain Barrel, screw the black rim onto the Rain Barrel.

What is the black saucer-shaped thing inside the rain barrel for?

When we receive the recycled Rain Barrel it is on the top of the barrel to seal it up. Some people place it on the top of the Rain Barrel when it is full to prevent evaporation. It makes a great saucer under a houseplant.

My Rain Barrel leaks, what do I do?

These are recycled barrels and they have been used before, it might have a hole in it. Tighten the spigot clockwise a bit. Note: The spigot is meant to stay in the position that it was installed. You may adjust it slightly to the side. IF YOU ARE CONSTANTLY PULLING ON A HOSE AND TWEAKING THE SPIGOT STOP! Also, the washer inside the spigot may have some crud around it, open and close it several times, or back flush some water through the spigot into the Rain Barrel.

Why doesn’t my Rain Barrel have an overflow fitting?

We have found that a small diameter overflow fitting (1/2″ to 1″) is ineffective, and a waste of money, 80-90% of the water still overflows the top of the barrel. Large diameter overflows work (1 1/2″ to 2″) but are too expensive.

How do I direct the rain water pouring into my Rain Barrel away from my house foundation?

Install a hose on the spigot, open the spigot and place the hose end away from your house. Make sure the hose doesn’t go uphill!

Why does the WaterRite sticker say non-potable, do not drink?

WaterRite Rain Barrels are FDA approved food grade plastic and have ONLY contained food. Use at your own risk.

How do I link more than one Rain Barrel together?

You may link multiple Rain Barrels together in series, as long as they are more or less level. Link them through the spigots. You will need a Y connecter, a piece of 1/2″ tubing, and 2 male hose thread adapters.

What should I do with my Rain Barrel during winter?

It depends on where you live, how cold it gets, what side of the house it is on, etc. We have seen our Rain Barrels in the same place, collecting water all year, for 18 years! We also get a few call every year about Rain Barrels that have frozen like a popsicle and split. USE YOUR JUDGEMENT!

That’s all for now, enjoy your new Rain Barrel!