Water Tank FAQs


Does the manufacturer have a WEBSITE and PHONE NUMBER?


Is the tank REINFORCED on the top?


Cheaper tanks use cheaper resins that DON’T LAST as long.

Do I need to install it on a cement slab?

No, any compact, level surface will work, free of sharp rocks etc. An inch or two of 3/8″ pea gravel or sand is recommended under the tank.

The tanks are huge how heavy are they?

When on their side they will roll easily into place.

Should I buy an above ground or a below ground tank?

Underground tanks cost 2x as much as above ground tanks. You may want to spend the extra $$, but you might be fine with an above ground tank. Call and we can figure out a plan for your specific situation.

Can I partially bury an above ground water tank?

Although the manufacturer frowns on this, people do it all the time. Up to 3′ should be fine, when you backfill make sure no compacting or sharp rocks etc.

Do I need a trailer or big truck to pick up a tank?

Many big tanks will fit in the back of a pick up truck, trailers can be a plus, depending. Call so we can come up with a plan. We recommend you bring several 2″ ratchet straps, these tanks are a big sail when you transport and you will not want to lose them in route.

Will the tank freeze during the winter?

Smaller the tanks ( 100-340 G) mignt need to be drained. Use your judgement. Larger tanks (500 G+) should be fine.