Rain Barrels at the Santa Fe Garden Fair

Apr 29, 2010 | News

The planting season has returned to Santa Fe and the surrounding area, and local nurseries and outdoor businesses are once again offering their services for people’s gardening needs. Last Saturday, April 24, the Santa Fe Master Gardener’s Association held the Santa Fe Garden Fair at the Santa Fe Fair Grounds. The fair brought together local gardener’s and related businesses, allowing for everyone to make community connections as well as obtain anything needed for outdoor planting projects. There were a large variety of businesses at the fair selling things from small greenhouses to plants, as well as much information from the vendors and gardening community. Santa Fe Rain Barrels was present at the fair, selling 60 gallon rain barrels and handing out flyers and business cards. For those that attended the fair, it was a great way to prepare for outdoor work and see what’s going on in the sustainability and gardening scene in Santa Fe. By the end of the day, plants were being sold at half price by some of the booths and my dad was writing his phone number on pieces of paper for business cards. It was a productive day that should lead to a productive year of planting and growth!

For those that did not attend the fair, rain barrels are still available at all times in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and can be delivered for a small charge. The price on our main rain barrels is the same as at the fair. All information regarding rain barrels, tanks, cisterns, and any of our other services can be found on our website. Water catchment is a service we continue to offer, and are committed to provide in the Northern New Mexico area. In the spirit of the Santa Fe Garden Fair, may we all live more green, community oriented lives!