Rain Barrels in Santa Fe

May 13, 2010 | News

The rain barrel season is off to a good start and should continue on the road to more sustainable living and renewable water in our community. Vegetable gardens are being planted, and water from the roofs of many of our homes is being put to good use. The rain barrel business is selling wholesale rain barrels to various nurseries and outdoor businesses in the area, as well as retail to those that contact us. We have been out with a trailer full of barrels near the entrance of Eldorado just outside of Santa Fe a number of times already this year, and plan on returning regularly. Selling barrels on the side of the road like this facilitates clients picking up barrels, whether or not they are planning on it. This generally takes place on Saturdays, and deliveries are available for those that are not able to come by. Also, a projected fundraiser at Santa Fe’s Oshara Village Flea Market is scheduled to take place on the 30th of May, with other possible Sundays selling there as well.

Most of the information regarding our rain barrels has remained the same, with a few changes. The regular price for our 50 gallon rain barrels is $60, and that for our 60 gallon rain barrels is $65. They come in gray, terra cotta, and brown colors, with some other rare variations. Our brown colored barrels, generally preferred over the others, are $5 more. Of course we still have a large stock of discount water tanks and cisterns, as well as 275 gallon totes. Our services are offered to anyone needing them in Santa Fe and areas nearby. Look for us by the entrance of Eldorado if you are interested!