Rain Barrels in the Winter Months

Oct 18, 2008 | News

As the aspens change color and piñon nuts litter tree riddled hills, the days get slower and slower and the world around us retracts in order to prepare for the winter months. With the changing of the seasons, rain barrels are in much lower demand, and soon the business will come to a close for the winter. There’s not much to water in freezing weather, and therefore very few barrels to sell.

Although it’s completely up to you, emptying your barrels in the wintertime can prevent them from freezing and cracking. In many cases, people never experience this problem though, and therefore it is encouraged for each individual with barrels to use their own discretion. They can freeze and crack, but won’t always do so. For example, if you have your barrels on the south facing side of your house and they get a lot of sun, you probably won’t have a problem. Just be warned that it can happen.

If you still need to get some rain barrels before the business goes into hibernation for the winter be sure to contact us as soon as possible for any orders. Harvest the Santa Fe water before it gets too cold!