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(We can beat all Rain Barrel prices in the USA for comparable sizes/quality)

Yes we sell rain barrels to the public!

upcycling better world60 Gallon Upcycled Rain Barrels

We use BRASS spigots on all of our rain barrels!
Our standard Rain Barrels are 60 gallon, food grade barrels. They have previously contained food.

They come with a 1 year warranty, and we have seen many of these in the same location for 15 years!

Rainwater Harvesting


50 and 60 Gallon


Screw Top With Screen


Brass Spigot

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Lots of Rain Barrels!

    Price:  terra cotta red- 2 or more $89 each, 1 for $99
    grey – $99 each

Comes assembled with a top screen and a brass spigot
(dimensions: 60g – 24″ d x 40″ h, 18 lbs)

    RAIN BARREL SECONDS sell for $80

Call (505) 660 9477 to check on availability.

Rain Barrel Options

55 Gallon Blue Rain Barrels

These barrels may or may not be food grade, but they have not contained toxic materials (usually oil for cosmetics, cooking oil, herbs etc). We cut the solid top out, which means they will not have a screw top lid or screen. They all come with a brass spigot about 6″ from the bottom of the barrel, and the top opening is 24″ wide.

55 Gallon White Rain Barrel
Brass Spigot
Waterrite Sticker
55 Gallon white rain barrel Brass Spigot Waterrite Sticker

    Price: $59 (Blue ONLY)

Comes assembled with a brass spigot
(Dimensions: 55g – 24″ d x 36″ h, 23 lbs.)

Rain Barrel Options


Canale Diverter $10 
This is a new product, it diverts the water shooting out of your canales during a heavy rain downwards towards your rain barrel.

Flexible elbow canale catcher
Canale Catcher 11″ $60 – new size 6″ $50
This device is installed on the end of the canale and directs the water into a downspout (that you will need to install).

We can customize your rain barrel! Want a custom rain barrel with an overflow fitting, and perhaps a spigot at the proper height to fill a bucket??? Let us know what you want, each additional feature is $10 extra.

We also sell 55G and 60G barrels unwashed, no holes, no hardware for $50 and $60.

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