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Yes we sell rain barrels to the public!

Here’s how you order:

  1. Choose which rain barrel and how many you want.
    (All rain barrels come with a top screen and a spigot, unless otherwise requested).
  2. Call John at +1 505 660 9477

We use the best hardware in the industry for rain barrels of this type. After all, most of these rain barrels are sold to local people such as yourselves… If you have a problem we make it right, it’s that simple!

50 and 60 Gallon Rain Barrels

Did you know that 1 inch of rain on a 2000 sq. ft. roof will produce 1200 gallons of water?

Our standard Rain Barrels are 50 or 60 gallon, food grade recycled barrels. They have previously contained food. (Be careful using other types of plastic barrels as they may be toxic.) We have been selling these Rain Barrels since the year 2000, with many thousands of satisfied customers. Since these barrels are recycled, some of them may have scrapes, small dents, etc. on them. This in no way effects the function or utility of the barrel. They come with a 1 year warranty, and we have seen many of these in the same location for 15 years!

Rainwater Harvesting


50 and 60 Gallon


Screw Top With Screen


Brass Spigot

Rain Barrels Linked

Lots of Rain Barrels!

50 & 60 Gallon Rain Barrels: $89

Colors: Terra cotta red, grey, and black. 

(dimensions: 50g -23″d x 34″h, 18 lbs, 60g -24″ d x 40″ h, 18 lbs)

Overflow Fittings: $10

Canale Diverter $10 

This is a new product, it diverts the water shooting out of your canales during a heavy rain downwards towards your rainbarrel.

We also sell these 60 gallon rain barrels terra cotta red, black or grey. Unwashed, no holes, no hardware for $60. 

We can customize your rain barrel! Want a custom rain barrel with an  overflow fitting, and perhaps a spigot at the proper height to fill a bucket???   Let us know what you want, each additional feature is $10 extra.

50 Gallon Wide Mouth Rain Barrels

Previously used in the food industry, they are food grade and have previously contained food. The capacity is 50 gallons. Their advantage is the wide 24″ top.

Wide Mouth Rain Barrels


24 inch Wide Top


Brass Spigot


Brass Overflow


50 Gallon Wide Mouth Rainbarrels: BLACK ONLY $99

(Dimensions: 50g –24″ d, x 41″ h, 18 lbs.)

Overflow Fittings $10

Canale Diverter $10

This is a new product, it diverts the water shooting out of your canales during a heavy rain downwards towards your rainbarrel.


55 Gallon White Rain Barrels

They are food grade and have previously contained food products. We cut the solid top out, which means they will not have a screw top lid. They all come with a brass spigot about 6″ from the bottom of the barrel, and the top opening is 24″ wide, which makes it easy to catch the water from your canales.

Paint your rain barrels with Krylon, a spray paint made for coating plastic. Many colors are available, and Walmart sells it. The 55g white rain barrels are the easiest to paint, we sell them for $69. (Note: It takes a little more than one can of spray paint to coat the barrel thoroughly)

55 Gallon White Rain Barrel
Brass Spigot
Waterrite Sticker
55 Gallon white rain barrel Brass Spigot Waterrite Sticker

55 Gallon White Rain Barrels: $69

(Dimensions: 24″ d x 36″ h, 23 lbs.)

(these Rain Barrels DO NOT come with a top screen)

Overflow Fittings $10

Canale Diverter $10

We also sell these 55 gallon rain barrels unwashed, no holes, no hardware for $50.


Once every year you might want to coat them with a UV inhibitor such as Armor-All. (NOTE: Armor-all is oil based, and after several rains it will be leaching into your soil……). Check screen for rips and holes, and replace if necessary. If they are left with water in them during freezing weather they MAY crack or split. Use your judgement…if you think this is a possibility drain them and store. Cared for properly your Rain Barrel will give you many years of service.


We call our 220 & 230 liter barrels 60 gallon. They are actually 57.89 & 60.52 gallons, respectively.

We call our 180, 190 & 200 liter barrels 50 gallons. They are actually 47.36, 50.00, & 52.63 gallons, respectively. This is not to be misleading, but for convenience.


  • Rain barrels can be linked together, giving you a modular system that can expand with your needs.
  • These barrels are recycled, reducing the demand on the landfill.
  • They are food grade plastic and have only been used for food.
  • The water you are collecting is free.
  • The barrels are opaque, resulting in less light/algae growth.
  • Most of the barrels are #2 HDPE, and can be recycled instead of discarded when worn out.
  • There is less use of the city sewage treatment facilities, as much of the rainwater run-off would end up there if not stored.
  • Rainwater has no chlorine (the chlorine in tap water is detrimental to the biological life in your soil)
  • There is less demand for treated tap water, which will lower your water bill and lessen the strain on the municipal water treatment system.


  • In areas where there is drought and water restrictions/rationing, rainwater catchment is often the only way to keep trees and landscaping alive.
  • People use them in areas around their house where they have drainage problems.
  • Rainwater is soft water…people use it for watering house plants, washing windows, washing the car.
  • Ladies use the soft rainwater to wash their hair.
  • There is little calcium/minerals in rainwater. It is ideal for irons, humidifiers, indoor fountains.
  • Hunters use them for solar showers when on hunting trips (the black barrels work best).
  • Landscapers use them (with the addition of media) as biological filters in fish/koi ponds.
  • Also…
    Grain and pet food storage, gun storage, pontoons for rafts, dry storage for rafters/boaters, planters, drums (as in music…did you see the show Stomp?), brewing beer and wine, heat sink for solar gain, trash cans, clothes hamper, water troughs/animal feeders,  dog house, etc.

Waterite Systems does not suggest or imply that our barrels are suitable to be used in the above capacities, they are only examples of what others have done with them. Use at your own risk.