May 22, 2013 | News

Well, I guess spring has sprung, but when will it warm up? Geeze it is still cold! Looks like I will get to plant my tomatoes outside again, as the ones already out there look pretty beat up. This weather is a real tease! As I look out at the sky it seems like the weather pattern might be changing a bit, lots of clouds, thunder, etc. which I don’t remember last year at this time. So hopefully this is an auspicious omen that we will get some much needed rain.

We have lots and lots of rain barrels and water tanks, and have been supplying the Santa Fe/Albuquerque area with these quality products for many years. We also sell wholesale rain barrels by the truckload, shipping them to any and all of the continental 48 states. OUr ain barrels are recycled, re-purposed barrels previously used in the food industry, and are FDA approved food grade barrels. They all come with screw-top lid, screen and brass spigot.

So for all of your rain water harvesting needs call us first, and thanks for your business!