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Totes! Now in stock!

Now in stock!

2″ Butterfly Valve
275G Tote
275Gal Tote
9″ Screw Top
9inch Screw Top

275 gallon food grade totes – $160

Dimensions: 45” tall X 39½” wide X 48” deep

These totes were previously used in the food industry, are food grade, and have previously contained food. People use them as truck tanks, underneath canales/downspouts, construction site water tanks, etc.

Totes can be easily adapted to collect water under your canales or downspouts. They can be made more attractive, too… use you imagination…


  1. Wrap tan or green shade cloth around them.
  2. Screw pro panel roofing to the metal frame, many colors available.
  3. Wire latillas to the metal frame and enclose them – it will look like they are inside a small coyote fence…

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