Water Catchment and Gardening

Apr 16, 2010 | News

With the moisture left over from the winter snows and warmer weather once again gracing the natural world, plants are coming back to life with much growth and energy. The ideal conditions around us make this year appear to be a good one for various outdoor activities, landscaping and gardening in particular. These great outdoor activities are beneficial not only for ourselves, but also our community and the environment in which we live. They give us an excuse to be outside and get exercise, contribute to the natural beauty around us, and decrease our ecological footprint by removing some of the Carbon Dioxide emissions that are released when we drive our cars. Gardening is something that has considerably developed in Santa Fe, and can be seen in the new Farmer’s Market in downtown Santa Fe, as well as in the households of many locals. Growing our own food, as well as other types of plants, is a sublime act in our society, and helps to support both a local economy and a healthy diet!

Sustainability is a critical factor for continuity of life, and can be seen in the way that plants get decomposed and recycled back into the earth when they are no longer needed. This in turn gives life to another biological process. By composting, we are able to cultivate healthy gardens, as well as eliminate the amount of biological waste that goes into the trash. Santa Fe Rain Barrels offers custom designed composter barrels to help facilitate the process of gardening. These composters are 60 gallon gray and black barrels, and set up in a way that allows for less time spent turning the compost and more time spent attending to plants. We want to continue to attend to the needs of locals in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque area in regards to sustainable water and living. May you collect the water and recycle the waste!