Water Harvesting Around the World

Nov 25, 2009 | News

As the human population increases, the resources that our race is in need of to survive decrease, bringing ways to live sustainably into the forefront of our existence. As water is a key factor for the existence of life, access to it is of utmost importance, and people are beginning to realize that the more it is conserved and recycled, the more it will be around in the future. In Santa Fe and Albuquerque, a large amount of the population own rain barrels or some other form of water harvesting sytem. In other areas around the country and the world, similar solutions to the concern of water access are surfacing. In Dadaab, Kenya, women have begun to catch water during times of rain in order to water crops for food, and are fighting for the implementation of water harvesting structures to aid in their mission. In Pheonix, a relatively new convention center has both solar panels and a water harvesting garden, and the rise in water prices in India has been pushing the farming community to find an alternative to expensive irrigation systems.

Much of the world is beginning to see the importance of water conservation, much of this due to being forced to find a more sustainable alternative due to current conditions. After seeing how it could be without water, I wonder whether more of the population will choose water conservation before their plants begin to die and washing the car is unheard of.

Let’s get started early! Water harvesting systems are easy to install and use, and can eliminate the cost of watering outdoor plants. Rain barrels, cisterns, tanks, and totes are some of the water harvesting systems that Santa Fe Rain Barrels currently offers. Don’t wait until your plants are wilting!