Water Harvesting Paves the Way for a Sustainable Future

Aug 27, 2008 | News

Many people view the current situation in the world as one with many problems and obstacles to overcome. For those that choose this viewpoint, that is the reality. However, if we focus on the good things around us, the problems will fall away in order to make more room for what we know to be of value in this world. On that note, why concentrate on not having enough clean water, when we clearly do, and can continue to have enough as long as that is what we truly want.

Santa Fe water harvesting systems create less reliance on water coming from the city, which gives people in our dry city and state the option of watering plants whether or not it is a designated “watering day” during periods of drought. With a water supply that doesn’t come from an outside source, locals can be reassured that they are saving money on their water bill, conserving water, and supporting a local economy in which less gas is used to ship in materials. Then they have the freedom grow food sustainably using their rain barrels and other water harvesting systems, which in turn creates a household with less reliance on transported food. The more sustainable you get, the more sustainable you can get!