Watertank Prices Lowered for Springtime

Mar 13, 2015 | News

I can’t really say it is springtime yet, but as the 20th of March is the first official day of spring we can pretend. It is already warming up and with the late snow this year many of our cisterns and water tanks are overflowing! Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t enough moisture in northern New Mexico to necessitate a water tank or some rain barrels. If that were true I would be working at McDonalds!

We have lowered our water tank and cistern prices considerably this year, hoping to sell more volume.

These are the same Norwesco and Ace Rotomold tanks, quality tanks that will last many many years.

Get ready for the monsoon rains and let us install a rainwater harvesting system for you, above or below ground, you will be glad you did it before the rains come.

And of course we sell 3 types of recycled rain barrels, and the 275g “totes” also. So whether you need a 50g rain barrel or a large commercial or ranch tank, or anything in between, you will find we have the best selection, prices and service. We look forward to earning your business in 2015!