Winter Water Harvesting

Dec 29, 2009 | News

As the holiday season takes a hold of us, the weather is getting colder and plants remain dormant, waiting for the springtime to continue their growth. Outdoor activity is limited, and outdoor plants require very little attention while in their hibernating states. With all that said, water harvesting is in low need. However, for those who want to continue catching the snow melt coming from the roof, it can continue to take place whether plants are being watered or not. Due to the size of our cisterns and water tanks, water can continue to be collected with ease and no risk of freezing and cracking of the tank. With our Santa Fe rain barrels, however, it is possible for them to freeze and crack. Many if not most people with our rain barrels in New Mexico do not empty their barrels in the winter. Do this at your own discretion, and know that Santa Fe Rain Barrels is not responsible for any damage to your rain barrels if they are to freeze and crack. For those not wanting to empty their barrels over the winter, here some tips in order to minimize the chances of having to replace a cracked barrel due to freezing:

  1. Try to have the barrels in a place that gets a good amount of sun. The South side of your home is the best place for this.
  2. Check on them to see how much they are freezing. If the ice is getting really thick and you can’t see through it or crack it, it might be best to empty the barrel.
  3. Maintain them at a level that is not completely full so the water has room to expand as it freezes. This may help.
  4. Leave the faucets at the bottom of the barrels a little bit open with a hose attached so that the water can run out and water a tree or plants rather than freezing.

Good luck with all of your winter water harvesting. We are still open for business throughout the winter. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in making a purchase or have any questions. Stay Warm!