Years of Water Catchment

Sep 22, 2009 | News

After ten years selling rain barrels, we have come a very long way in the water catchment business. Our methods have improved extensively since my dad first began the endeavor, and we have steadily developed from our days vending “food storage” barrels behind our house. We now have a storage yard where we keep the barrels as well as the large cisterns and square, 275 gallon totes that have been growing in popularity. We also sell a number of different fittings and connections which make water harvesting in NM a much easier and more practical investment. Our storage yard in Santa Fe is stocked with barrels of two sizes (50 and 60 gallons), and all available colors; terra cotta, gray, black, and blue, and brown.

Although the temperature is dropping as the days bring us closer to October, we are still open for business, and it is still a good time to get whatever water harvesting systems you need. We are currently selling at retail prices in Santa Fe while wholesaling to various different stores and nurseries in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Come catch the rain before it turns into snow!