Landscaping and Water Catchment

Feb 1, 2010 | News

In New Mexico, the land is very arid and dry. The sun blazes in the sky during the warm summer months, evaporating the majority of the water that is not connected to a larger body. Flying into the Albuquerque airport after spending time in more humid environments, I am normally astounded by the colors that I see out of the window of the plane. There is red, orange, dots of green, and underlying almost all of these colors, different shades of brown. The majority of the landscape in New Mexico is comprised of dirt, and there is a limited amount of biodiversity outside of our life-giving mountain ranges. Despite much of our art and culture is based on the hidden beauty of New Mexico’s brown landscape, the people of Santa Fe and the surrounding areas seem to be cultivating more of a love for plants and greenery, and as this takes place, the art of landscaping comes into play.

Green plants and brightly colored flowers are greatly welcomed in contrast to the brown color of the stucco, and while this gift of nature does grace the appearance outside of our homes, it comes with a cost, one that is generally a good deal higher in New Mexico than other states. Water is scarce in our dry environment and therefore less abundant and more costly. It is therefore of great importance not only for the sake of our savings, but the environment in which we live, to conserve more water.

Although it may seem contradictory to have gardens and save water at the same time, there are many ways in which we can enjoy the beauty of nature without depleting its resources. Santa Fe Rain Barrels not only offers a way in which we can store and preserve the water that falls from the sky, but also strategies in landscaping that allow us to use less water in the first place. We understand the need for more plants in our fellow New Mexicans’ backyards, and offer our services of landscaping and water harvesting in New Mexico to those in need. Please come to us with any questions and requests regarding any of our services.