More Tanks, Cisterns and Totes!

May 8, 2014 | News

Get Ready!

Well it’s another cold week, but have no fear some day soon it will warm up and we will be able to thaw out a bit. Unfortunately the cold hasn’t brought us any moisture, this being the driest spring on record. Really, it can’t get much drier than this can it?
Oops, don’t ask.

All the more reason to get prepared to harvest rainwater when the rains come. Hopefully we will have a prolific monsoon season. Remember last September, it looked like the monsoons were over, and then a storm system came through and in a week we almost doubled our precipitation for the year. There were a lot of full tanks and rain barrels after that!

We are expanding our water tank and cistern sizes and variety, and are also selling totes again. Of course we also have all the rain barrels you could ever want. We also install rainwater harvesting systems, should you need some help with a large capacity application. Thanks for your continued support,and please remember us for all your rainwater storage and harvesting needs!