Rain Barrels and the Samauma Tree

Jun 8, 2009 | News

Samauma Tree Standing Tall by a Flowing River

In the Amazon forest, there grows a giant tree called Samaúma, referred to by the indigenous people as the “mother of trees”. The Samaúma is a very tall tree in the forest, and is very easy to notice high above the surrounding greenery, it´s branches reaching out over the plant life underneath like a mother caring for her children. One of the largest living trees known to the human race, the Samaúma has a special purpose in the natural world. The trunk of the Samaúma is hollow, and generally has a bulge in its center as if it were a full belly. Within the trunk is stored a large quantity of water, which in times of drought is released into the ground through its roots, giving life to the surrounding area. In this way the forest is able to survive until the next rainfall.

The story of this tree is a great example for everyone. Just knowing that this kind of consciousness exists in the natural world can be a great hope.

Conserving water with rain barrels and cisterns has a similar effect to the Samaúma tree within our society. By having these containers ready for rain, we can store water in them until it is needed in dry periods. Like this, we can preserve the lives of our plants as well as cut down on our usage of the water that grows more precious every day.

Please visit our website for any information on rain barrels in NM, or any other water harvesting systems. Let the great Samaúma be an example for all of us in conserving water and the environment in which we live.