Rain Barrels in and Around Santa Fe

Apr 25, 2009 | News

The rain barrel business, although many of you may know it as Santa Fe Rain Barrels, does not sell exclusively to the city of Santa Fe. As demand rises and people have more and more of a need for barrels and water harvesting systems, our range of sale grows further away from our home town. For some time now we have been wholesaling barrels to different locations in Albuquerque, as well as taking orders for tanks and cisterns.

Right now, all barrels being sold in Albuquerque offer a 25 dollar rebate on your water bill, no matter how many you buy. That means you can buy a few barrels, not pay almost anything on your water bill for some time, and not be using as much water after that. I know that it´s easy to think that the water will never stop flowing out of your faucet, but don´t get too attached to that notion! New Mexico is a very dry place, and the groundwater will not last forever, especially at the rate that we are using it up. The more we conserve, the less we will need to later, securing a future with a reliable source of water. There are many places in Albuquerque that are currently carrying our barrels. Osuna Nursery, Purple Sage Garden Center, Hacienda Home Supply, Plantworld, Plants of the Southwest, and CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) all buy wholesale orders of barrels, making it easier for us to sell and people in Albuquerque to buy our product.

Rain barrels for Albuquerque and Santa Fe are available to everyone living in one of these cities as well as those who don´t! We also make various trips to Taos, Pecos, Los Alamos, and other nearby areas, as well as ship orders of barrels to Atlanta, Georgia. If you are interested in getting barrels, no matter where you´re from, all you need to do is contact us. The more people that need water catchment in other places, the more likely we will be to deliver barrels to that place.

I hope we can be of help in making the places around us more sustainable and water secure.