Rain Water Harvesting and Sustainability

Mar 25, 2009 | News

Growing up in a country like the United States with all of the little conveniences that many of us take for granted, can be both a great gift and a great detriment. Of course these things make our lives a great deal easier and less complicated, giving us more time and energy to educate ourselves and make a living in a somewhat quiet and stress-free atmosphere. On the other hand, we are so reliant on these things providing for us daily, that we would not know what to do or how to live if something were to happen to them. What if our grocery stores ran out of food? What if the plant that provides electricity for our homes were to stop running? These are questions that may sound extreme, but which should not be dismissed. The days in which we rely on outside influences for our survival are coming to an end. What would we do if we turned on the faucet one day and nothing came out?

The state of California, after an unusual amount of draught, has recently begun to ration water in certain parts of the state, mainly for agricultural use. They say it hasn`t been this bad in 15 years, and don`t know when it will get better. I don`t know about you, but that sure gets me thinking. In New Mexico we are used to draught and not affected by it so much, but at the same time we are not growing the nation`s food supply! What would happen if California were to run out of water completely? That far-fetched imagination of grocery stores without food would not be too far from reality, I think, and people would probably begin to wake up and say ¨Hey, we need to do something about this!¨

In my travels and especially on my most recent trip throughout Central and South America, I have been amazed by how aware people in third world countries are regarding survival. They are used to having very little, and therefore always have a backup plan in the case that anything happens which jeopardizes their lives. The majority of them know how to grow food and raise livestock. They know how to build, and how to guard and maintain a steady supply of water in their homes. In times when the water doesn`t come out of their faucets, they just use the water saved in large tanks on top of their houses for whatever is needed. By always thinking of their survival, poor people all over the world are more prepared than the average priveleged but crippled Westerner. They know what could happen and prepare for it, while many of us are so used to having everything we need at the tip of our fingers that we do not consider the possibility of life without these luxuries.

Draught seems to be a growing problem in the world recently, and one of serious consequences. Without water, life cannot exist. That means that water is our most precious commodity for survival, and we must do all that is in our power to conserve it and make sure that we have a constant supply no matter what is going on around us. If we have a secure supply of water, growing food and doing other things to further a sustainable lifestyle can begin to unfold more naturally.

Nothing can be taken for granted. The situation of the world is currently at a very dangerous point, and nobody can be sure where it will lead us. All we can do is be prepared!

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