Spring 2019

Apr 15, 2019 | News

Spring is showing up in typical Northern New Mexico fashion this April, 70 degrees one day then a blizzard the next. I even heard a new term to describe some of the weather this week, “thundersnow”!

There has been a lot of moisture in 2019, all my tanks are full and still getting run-off from the roof, what a great time to be thinking of starting or up-grading your rain water harvesting system. We just lowered some prices on our water tanks for the Spring, and we still sell the original “Santa Fe Rain Barrel”, the tried and proven 60G terra cotta red upcycled olive barrel with a top screen and brass spigot. We have also added a small (54G) designer rain barrel from Poly-Mart for those of you that want something nicer, check it out!