The Best Prices Yet!

Feb 19, 2021 | News

Like most of the country we got a real blast of winter this week, and just in time to fill all your water tanks and rain barrels for the spring garden season. Hopefully we will get some good follow through with some rain early in the year and a good monsoon as we sure need the moisture. I don’t even want to mention the potential fire season this year (oops)!

But alas there is no free lunch, I hope you are enjoying all those checks from your beloved Uncle Sam cuz you’re going to need the money soon. Raw materials and freight are going up with a vengeance, which means higher prices for everything including water tanks. We are reluctantly raising the prices on all of our rain barrels and water tanks, as we cannot absorb the price increases any longer. Bushman (previously Poly-Mart) Norwesco and Snyder have all increased their wholesale prices to their distributors recently. As all of the tanks on the website are in stock in Santa Fe you will find that our prices are still cheaper than others online when you include the freight.

Thanks for your continued patronage as we are now 21 years in Santa Fe selling the best water tanks and rain barrels at the best prices!