Time for Home Improvements and Gardening: Rain Barrels and Water Tanks!

Jun 7, 2020 | News

Sales have been booming this spring as lockdowns have kicked in a wave of home improvements and gardening. Lots of people sitting at home for months need to do something, so why not buy and install those rain barrels or water tanks that you have been talking about?

We are now stocking more water tank sizes than ever, so when you want a certain water tank it is available to pick up with no wait. The Sun Shield tanks use a special compound resin that does not allow any light to enter the tank, resulting in cleaner water as it sits in the tank. The compound resin also makes the tank last longer in the UV’s, up to 30 years in full sun!

These are the highest quality water tanks manufactured today, and don’t cost much more than the really cheap crap I see some other companies selling. Call us today and get your tank or rain barrel within hours.