Water Harvesting and Consciousness

May 13, 2009 | News

Natural resources in today’s world are becoming more and more precious. The amount of plants and animals on the planet slowly decreases as the number of humans increases, throwing the equilibrium of the whole planet off balance. As the human population continues to increase, our consciousness must also increase in order to maintain the balance of the planet. One good way to prevent anything serious from happening is to start taking 100% responsibility for our actions right now, and act consciously in everything we do, keeping in mind the possible negative, and hopefully positive affects that may be a result of everything we do. The human race has been too careless with this earth that we have been given, and the more of us that realize this, the more we can act in a way that supports the natural world around us. By setting this example, those around us will be more encouraged to work towards consciously resolving the problems that have come about through generations of acting unconsciously.

The first thing that we need to do in order to start moving in the right direction is to set our intention in the right place. If we want the world to be a better place, and are constantly thinking about it, we will naturally be more drawn to things that move us in that direction. The more our thoughts are aimed towards conservation, the more we will begin to live more sustainably. This isn’t like a math problem which has a logical problem and solution. It is a matter of wanting to feel better, and for the people and world around us to do so as well. The happier and more at peace we are, the more our planet will also feel this vibration and continue to heal itself.

In this way, we should not conserve until it is natural for us to do so. We must first focus on our own well being, and as the quality of our lives increases we will naturally want to take better care of the earth that we live on. We welcome all to look into our water harvesting systems in New Mexico. We hope to play a part in establishing a world where mother nature is no longer threatened by our presence, and well being is the natural state.